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We Host Private Online Notary Sessions For Attorneys & Their Clients

Since April 2020

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All of our online notarial acts meet New Jersey’s current notary laws, including a 10 year video recording retention period, end to end encryption (ETEE) video conferencing, and tamper-evident digital certificates, pursuant to NJ-A-4250.

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A convenient and efficient solution for your law firm notarization needs. Your signers can be anywhere in the world. Whether you have a last minute client affidavit to eFile or a scheduled full estate planning package signing, OnlineNotaryNJ is ready to assist you and meet your deadlines.

24+ Years

I have more than 24 years’ experience in the legal field. Throughout my career I’ve assisted several attorneys primarily working in Bankruptcy, Defense Litigation, Estate & Trusts, and Tax Planning law.

November 2015

“Wilson Elser”

When ZGA permanently dissolved in 2015, Wilson Elser graciously welcomed me to their NJ team; where for 6 years I provided paralegal support to its Defense Litigation and Estate & Tax Planning Practices.

November 2015
March 2008


After my paralegal experience in bankruptcy law, I transitioned to secured creditor bankruptcy representation, including adversary proceedings; ultimately becoming Joel Ackerman’s senior paralegal. Joel continues to share his wisdom and friendship.

March 2008
September 1997

“Garces & Gabler”

My first “real” job and start in my legal career, I primarily assisted attorneys in consumer bankruptcies. Throughout my 10+ years at the firm and to this day, Guillermo Garces continues to be a great friend and mentor.

September 1997
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