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We Host Private Online Notary Sessions For Attorneys & Their Clients

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All of our online notarial acts meet New Jersey’s current notary laws, including a 10 year video recording retention period, end to end encryption (ETEE) video conferencing, and tamper-evident digital certificates, pursuant to NJ-A-4250.

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A convenient and efficient solution for your law firm notarization needs. Your signers can be anywhere in the world. Whether you have a last minute client affidavit to eFile or a scheduled full estate planning package signing, OnlineNotaryNJ is ready to assist you and meet your deadlines.

Meet The Session Facilitators

Sheyla Oliveira

Sheyla is the visionary founder and owner of Online Notary NJ established in New Jersey, April 2020, and now expanding to Jamestown, Tennessee with Online Notary Tenn. Her career, spanning over two decades as a paralegal, showcases a breadth of experience across critical legal domains, including adversary bankruptcy litigation, defense litigation, and the nuanced fields of wills, trusts, and estate planning. This rich background furnishes her with the adeptness required to seamlessly navigate the legal landscape’s complexities.

Sheyla started her paralegal career in the late 90’s even before receiving her Paralegal Associate’s Degree from Middlesex County College in New Jersey in 2006. Sheyla further enhanced her qualifications by completing a Certified Financial Planning certificate program in 2018 at Fairleigh Dickinson University, in Madison, New Jersey, with a focus on estate planning. This education not only deepened her understanding of legal and financial planning but also expanded her competence in managing intricate documentation associated with estate planning.

Before taking the leap into her entrepreneurial endeavor, Sheyla distinguished herself in one of her positions at her last law firm as a commercial closing administrator. There, she played a pivotal role in managing the final stages of commercial loan signings, supporting private lenders, involved with car dealerships across the East Coast. Her responsibilities included scrutinizing the completeness of documents from borrowers, ensuring adherence to proper closing procedures, and verifying the correctness of notarial acts. This role was crucial in affirming her dedication to precision and her capability to handle high-stake transactions with unparalleled expertise.

Motivated by a desire to innovate and address the evolving needs of her clients, Sheyla initiated Online Notary NJ. As an owner-operator, she rapidly established herself as a key facilitator of notarization sessions, elevating service quality and client satisfaction. With the recognition of a growing demand for dependable online notarization services, she extended her operations into Tennessee, thereby broadening her reach and impact.

Sheyla’s commitment to excellence has led her to actively seek out and recruit legal professionals who share her dedication and extensive legal experience. By assembling a team of like-minded experts, Online Notary NJ and Online Notary Tenn. are able to handle the growing workload while maintaining the highest levels of professionalism and expertise.

Renee Flores

Renee is a distinguished member of our team at Online Notary NJ and Online Notary Tenn. Renee’s journey in the legal field commenced in 2002, marking the beginning of a commendable 15-year career as a paralegal. During this time, she specialized in supporting a variety of law practices, showcasing her versatility and expertise in areas such as criminal defense, expungements, and foreclosure. Her deep-rooted understanding of the legal system and dedication to client support have made her an invaluable asset to the legal community.

Elevating her professional and academic accomplishments, Renee achieved a significant milestone by earning her MBA from Rutgers Business School in New Jersey, in May of 2022. This advanced degree not only highlights her commitment to continuous learning and development but also enhances her ability to contribute to the field with a blend of legal and business acumen.

In December 2022, Renee brought her wealth of experience and fresh insights to our team. As a facilitator, she expertly administers acknowledgments, jurats, oaths, and affirmations. Her role is pivotal in ensuring that our services are executed with the utmost precision and integrity, reinforcing our commitment to excellence.

Renee’s dedication and expertise continue to enrich our team’s dynamic, contributing to our mission of providing seamless and professional online notarization services to our clients. With Renee on board, we are better equipped to meet the diverse needs of those we serve, ensuring every transaction is handled with care and professionalism.

Founded in April 2020 by Sheyla Oliveira

Sheyla has more than 24 years’ experience in the legal field. Throughout her career she has assisted several attorneys primarily working in Bankruptcy, Defense Litigation, Estate & Trusts, and Tax Planning law.
November 2015

“Wilson Elser”

When ZGA permanently dissolved in 2015, Wilson Elser graciously welcomed me to their NJ team, where for 6 years I provided paralegal support to its Defense Litigation and Estate & Tax Planning Practices.

November 2015
March 2008


After my paralegal experience in bankruptcy law, I transitioned to secured creditor bankruptcy representation, including adversary proceedings; ultimately becoming Joel Ackerman’s senior paralegal. Joel continues to share his wisdom and friendship.

March 2008
September 1997

“Garces & Gabler”

My first “real” job and start in my legal career, I primarily assisted attorneys in consumer bankruptcies. Throughout my 10+ years at the firm and to this day, Guillermo Garces continues to be a great friend and mentor.

September 1997
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