Missiles Can’t Stop Intercontinental Remote Online Notarization

November 4th, 2021
Sheyla Oliveira
Sheyla Oliveira

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It was Monday, May 10th, 2021, almost 11 am, and I was getting ready to sign on to a Zoom call to meet my client, who was on the opposite side of the world in Israel.

She needed a document notarized in order to complete a real estate transaction in the US.

We introduced each other, talked a little, and then she introduced me to her husband who was seated next to her.

Online Notarization - Notarizing documents in Irael from New Jersey, USA.

In order to protect their identity, I will refer to them as Leah and Josh.

We went over the remote online notarization process established in New Jersey under Executive Order P.L. 2020, c.26 (A-3903), which was implemented as a result of the state’s health emergency, during the pandemic.

Please note, since then New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy signed Assembly Bill No. 4250 into law on July 22, 2021, allowing electronic signatures for certain documents and remote online notarizations. This law became effective on October 22, 2021.

Back to Leah and Josh. We finished going through the ID verification process and I was getting ready to start recording the notarial act session, when suddenly, a very loud siren went off!

Worried behind computer

Since all remote online notary sessions must be continuously recorded without interruption, I politely suggested waiting for the ambulance to pass.

They began looking at each other and shouting in Hebrew, which obviously I didn’t understand a word!

Then, Leah got up, ran in and out to the other room, and Josh explained to me that it was not an ambulance, but rather it was the country’s emergency sirens!

I later learned it’s called the air raid siren system, which was established to warn the Israeli population of air raids or missile attacks.

Yes, you read that right – missile attacks! And you thought your smart phone or old-school alarm was annoying! What an eye opener for me to say the least!

They disconnected… and I sat in complete silence.

I was shocked and sat still for a moment thinking about what I just witnessed.

After a few seconds I snapped out of it and started googling news about any type of bombing or attacks going on in Israel, but nothing came up!

I texted a friend who I know has family in Israel to find out if they were okay and explained what happened to my clients.

The reply was another sad eye opener, “Oh that always happens over there.” 

What a harsh truth to swallow!

I sent Leah and Josh an email and started praying for their safety and hoped for the best. 

Within 15 minutes of my internal mini-panic attack I received an email from Josh, which put my mind at ease.

And then, another email arrived, which confirmed their safety. I was relieved and happy to be able to breathe normally again.

Due to the urgency of the document needed in the US, we reconnected later on and completed the notarization uneventfully.

However, I don’t think I’ll be able to top a session like this one!

Leah and Josh used my services again in late May 2021 while they were still in Israel. Fortunately, this session was much calmer.

Now, this was not my first experience encountering some form of terrorism.

I was born in Lima Peru, and during my childhood growing up in the 80s and early 90s, I had my share of experiences dealing with the results of terrorist group bombings.

There were plenty of nights where my siblings and I had to do our homework and study for school exams by candlelight because a car bomb blew up an energy tower.

Lima, Peru
Lima, Peru on the coast not far from where I grew up

Sadly, car bombs, blackouts, and curfews were some of the words incorporated into my vocabulary at a very young age.

Words that children shouldn’t have to know so young.

During those few seconds after disconnecting with Leah and Josh I had a flashback to those sad times in Peru.

I can never thank our mom enough for making the hard decision and sacrifice to leave her family, friends, a career, and personal belongings, and come to the US to give us a better life.

About OnlineNotaryNJ.com (ONJ)

The advancement of technology and the new law in New Jersey regarding remote online notarization, have allowed ONJ the opportunity to assist many American expats all over the world – securely, conveniently, and safely.

Estate planning, real estate transactions, and legal affairs can be accomplished without the need to leave one’s home or office.

As long as the notary public is physically located in New Jersey, you or your client can be located and connect virtually from anywhere in the world! I’d double check on North Korea though.

Whether you are computer savvy or not, ONJ will walk you through the entire process, making it a real breeze for you and your client!

Sheyla Oliveira
Sheyla Oliveira, OnlineNotaryNJ.com founder

Stop waiting on long lines at American consulates or embassies, requesting expensive and unnecessary apostilles, or even worse, getting hit by a rocket on the way there!

ONJ is a one-woman operation established in April 2020. My intention was to serve clients through the difficult times and uncertainty of the early stages of the pandemic.

My 24 years’ experience in the legal field as a paralegal has allowed me the opportunity to connect with colleagues who can relate to and understand the value of experience, quality, and timeliness.

ONJ is a boutique online notary services specializing in serving attorneys, and their clients.

Online Notarization Session

ONJ has assisted Americans and residents not only within the borders of the United States, but also abroad, including in:

Austria, Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Dubai, Guatemala, Israel, Italy, Peru, Philippines, Portugal, Romania, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, and United Kingdom.

Kudos to New Jersey for keeping up with technology and allowing many current and future notary publics the opportunity of a new trade.

Experience the difference by booking a session today!

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